ChaoticTempleKnight made some more TTV fan art

So After listening to TTV talks about Halloween, I decided to draw this:

Little ElJay goes Tick or Treating!

Remember when ElJay said people flipped pancakes at the sight of Fang? WELL I TOOK THAT LITERALLY... for this drawing.

And yes, I had to watermark this. I will be posting this to my DA gallery and my Tumblr blog... I'm not advertising or promoting those btw. I'm just stating my reason for using my watermark.

And since we are on the topic of TTV talks about Halloween, I made this:

I recommend clicking on it to enlarge the image because this is a 1600x900 image.

What? It counts as fan art.

So this based off the joke that was told somewhat in the beginning of the episode. It may not be a meme ElJay, but I definitely did something with it.

And because I want them to see this: @Eljay @Mesonak @Viper @Venom LOOK WHAT I DID!


Lol nice.

The Three Virtues Times... That has to be a thing now

It should be "there" not "their".

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Oops... I'll get around to fixing that.

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Hah, just now seeing these. These pictures are pretty great. Young Eljay makes me lol



I now want to see an @Eljay taking of his Miru now