ChaoticTempleKnight Reviews: Gelu

Hello everyone! ChaoticTempleKnight here to review set number 8988: Gelu

Gelu is a Glatorian of the Ice Tribe on Bara Magna. He is a retired Glatorian who prefers to help escort caravans across Bara Magna.

Like my Pridak review that was supposed to go up between my Orkahm and Solek reviews, I also had Gelu planned for review. And since I got Pridak’s review done, I figured I might as well review this guy.

This is another one of my favorite sets. I didn’t get Gelu when the Glatorian legends were released, but I did manage to pick him up recently.

Obviously these are going to be my opinions.

- The Ice aesthetic is amazing. Gelu looks like he is from the ice tribe. It is simply amazing how they managed to pull this off. Even his weapon is ice themed.
- The color scheme is amazing. You really don’t see any blue pins on the set and the color scheme is balanced nicely. You think White and Metru blue would make Gelu look like a lightning Glatorian, but surprisingly he still looks like an Ice Glatorian.
- The Inika build is solid. Honestly the Inika build works well in this set. It gives him a nice and complete look.
- New parts. We get the ice blades and Gelu’s helmet and I think that is it.
- Re-colors! We get the Inika torso and inika feet in white
- The damage counter. This allows you to play the Glatorian game where you fire the thornax launcher at your opponent’s glatorian and try to hit them.
- The Thornax launcher works well and is versatile. This thing works and it can fire zamor spheres. I greatly appreciate this Lego.

- Uh…the inika build I guess? Yeah, it’s really only a con because the community considers it boring. I personally got nothing against it, but I recognize why people take issue with it. So yeah, Inika build.
- Brittle parts. Yup, this sets uses the 08 molds…
- The hands are weird. They only have 3 fingers, but CCBS would later have 4…
- The proportions are a little eh… This is a recurring issue in 2009 sets. They use the longer limb connectors which extends the arms past the knees. Gelu’s shorter lower legs do not help with this.

Would I recommend this set? Absolutely my people. The elemental aesthetic on this set is simply amazing. Just be careful of the sockets. They are brittle.


This was my second favorite Legends set.
First was Mata Nui. Sue me.


I remember buying this set with money I had saved up for months and then running into my room after my family got home from the store to build it. I loved this set soooo much, I thought Gelu was the absolute best character ever, and I love the pieces on his upper arms. Good review CTK!


Mata Nui was the only Glatorian Legend I got, but this guy looks like a good set. He suffers from the same gorilla arm problem that Mata Nui had but otherwise looks fine. That helmet is gorgeous. :thumbsup:

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