ChaoticTempleKnight Reviews: Orkahm

Hello everyone! ChaoticTempleKnight here to review set number 8611: Orkahm

Pardon the launcher holder pin being somewhat out of the socket. I just noticed that it was like that

Orkahm is a Le-Matoran from Bionicle G1 who knew where one of the great disks were located and helped build Le-Koro.

For some inexplicable reason, I absolutely love this set. I somewhat recently bought it off of amazon for a good price, brand new, and unopened. For some reason I was drawn to this set. But enough of that, let’s get into the pros and cons.

Obviously these are all going to be my opinions.

- Re-colors out the wazoo! This set, like the other metru-toran, have a lot of re-colors. We get a melded noble Matatu, a dark grey mata head, metru green bohrok feet, and grey hand peices.
- The Mask is amazing… Seriously, I love the melded masks the metru-toran got. They look amazing and they are great for MOCing with.
- The color scheme. It is good, very good. Despite some minor issues we will get to in a minute, the color scheme is great. Orkahm definitely looks like he is an air matoran. Also I feel the eyes contrast nicely with the metru green.
- The kanoka disc and disc launcher. This set at the time came with the new disc launcher for the new Kanoka discs. While the build of the disc was nothing new, the concept of Kanoka was. Plus the code on the disc could be used for the Kanoka club on Bionicle’s G1 website.
- The Kanoka disc glows in the freaking dark. Yes, all of my yes.

- The build is stiff (lack of articulation). This is an issue a lot of G1 sets had. Be it the head or the limbs, these parts cannot move like normal. they are stuck in one position. For a small set, it worked back in G1. But the box art for these sets did not help by showing Orkahm’s limbs flexing and bending.
- The head can easily be knocked back and forth. Yeah, having a pin and turaga hand isn’t the best idea. It works, but you may be unlucky enough to get a metru-toran body with a slippery neck hole. I did not have that happen to me, but still.
- the blue pins… They are very noticeable…especially up against dark colors.

Would I recommend this set? YES. Even though the metru-toran cannot move properly, they come with a good amount of re-colors and they are not that expensive (or at least last time I checked they were not). Plus it is a great set to own if you are into retro sets.


Good review! I myself loved the Metrutoran as well

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Eh these Matoran were middle of the road, for me anyway. They looked alright, function had been done before. Their combo models are some of the best small combo models released. Still think the Kohliitoran from 2003 were better overall, though.