ChaoticTempleKnight Reviews: Skull Slicer

Hello everyone! ChaoticTempleKnight here to review set number 70792: Skull Slicer

Skull Slicer is an undead warrior prowling The City of the Mask Makers with the other Skull Villains under the Lord of Skull Spider's control. He was once a famed champion of Okoto.

I...have a love/hate relationship with this set. On one hand, he's a skull villain. But on the other hand, LOOK AT THE PICTURE OF HIM! Let's start out with the positive aspects of this set though.

Obviously these are all going to be my opinions.

- He has some nice re-colors. Seriously, I love the trans green limbs. And the trans-orange system chain is pretty cool (I don't know if this is the first time we have received this variation)
- He uses System parts. Yes, Skull Slicer uses system parts for his mask hook. They make up the majority of it and it's cool to see.
- He comes with a lot of Skull Villain parts. If you're looking for Skull Villain parts, Skull Slicer has you covered. He comes with a lot of Hook swords and bone limbs.
- He can look menacing. Pose him right and he looks like a fearsome dude.
- He has 4 arms. I really like how Lego managed to pull off 4 arms and make it work with the gear function. How well that works has yet to be seen in this review, but it works either way. And the 4 arms are fully pose-able.

- The function is questionable. I may not have built him right, but when I turn the gears, 3 of the arms move in the same direction. I was expecting the upper arms to move in the opposite direction of the lower arms. I don't know, I may have built him wrong. So If I have, then this con does not count. Although, the arms can collide with each other...
- Skull Slicer looks incomplete. Seriously, he looks like he lost his armor while getting ready in the morning. Why does he only have one Skull Pauldron? All the other sets (excluding Scorpio) have more than one Pauldron. The asymmetry is nerve wracking. Lego could have easily put another Pauldron on his left upper arm. Also, why does his legs not have armor? He could easily have armor shells on the trans-green parts of his legs. And it would not have hurt to put some armor shells on his lower arms.
- The mask is nothing new. I know Slicer was revived with a Skull Spider mask, but Lego could have at least found a way to make a variant of the skull spiders that we haven't gotten before. This makes Skull Slicer look like he was thrown together with left over parts. Seriously, Skull Slicer looks like some kid's MOC.
- He is top heavy. He needs foot add-on's to keep balance... dang it Lego.
- The color scheme is almost perfect. Seriously, WHY ON OKOTO IS THERE ONLY ONE TRANS-ORANGE SHELL ON SKULL SLICER !?! I am discounting the eyes because they are eyes and the claw because it is a tool. Why couldn't the trans-orange armor shell be a gunmetal shell? SKULL SLICER HAS A GUNMETAL ARMOR SHELL ON HIM! Also the red on the armor printing is out of place. Skull Slicer is green and gunmetal, not green and red. This is not Santa Slicer.

Would I recommend this set? Yes and no. Yes because he's a Skull Villain and he has Skull parts. And he honestly doesn't look that bad, just unfinished. But on there other hand, I can't recommend him because of all the cons listed.

Honestly, go out an buy this set for yourself. If you like it, awesome. If you don't, well either way you just got a bunch of Skull villain parts.