ChaoticTempleKnight Reviews: Tahu, Uniter of Fire

Hello everyone! ChaoticTempleKnight here to review set number 71308: Tahu, Uniter of Fire

Tahu is the master of Fire and the unofficial leader of the toa. Despite being a a little arrogant and fighting with Kopaka, Tahu always manages to come out on top.

Oh boy this set... I have some mixed feelings now that I own it. I still enjoy the set, don't get me wrong. But there is some issues with it. Let's get into the review.

Obviously these are going to be my opinions.

- This looks like an upgraded Tahu. Despite what your opinions are on the uniters, this looks like an upgraded Tahu. I'd dare say this is the "Nuva form" of Bionicle G2. And I have to say, the look looks pretty cool. I'd turn into a Uniter myself if given the chance.
- New parts. Oh boy do we got a lot of new parts. We got new weapon pieces and new armor pieces. Plus we have the new torso. And we also get the new masks of fire. And lastly we get the new eye piece in trans-blue.
- We get some cool re-colors. We get the Skull Pauldrons in gold...freaking gold. Also we get the toa feet in gold too.
- Tahu's new weapons. They are pretty cool. By turning the gear back, the blades extend. It's a pretty cool function and what's even better is the blades stay in place.
- The waist turning function can stay in place. There is a lot of friction down there preventing the waist from swiveling freely back and forth.
- Tahu can combine with Ikir. It's always great to see combiners and it does look pretty cool.
- This set is big. Yes, this set is big. It's slightly taller than Tahu and has more parts. This set, parts wise, is definitely worth 20 dollars.

- TOO MUCH GOLD! This set has WAY TOO MUCH gold. It actually drowns out the the toa of fire color scheme. Is Tahu the chosen one or something? I honestly thought gold was a special color, but apparently it's not now. You want to know why I didn't put Tahu's golden mask on him in the photo? It looks terrible on him. Tahu becomes a Toa of Gold with that mask on. You thought 2015 Tahu was bad? You haven't even gotten a load of this set yet.
- The waist turning function is hard to use. It is very hard to use. You have to hold the set by the legs (or hold his feet down) to use it and even then you have to put a lot of effort into it because of all the friction. Plus it seems like Lego put this in so they could have the Unity function. And adding insult to injury, IT SQUEAKS WHEN YOU USE IT!
- Tahu looks flat. Seriously, this set looks flat. It's a combination of the new torso and the armor. While the 2015 armor hindered head movement, at lest it gave the set width.
- The Skull Pauldrons look awkward... Yeah, they look kind of awkward when Tahu is standing there with his arms at his side.
- The Unity function makes him top-heavy. Yeah, I found this out when I combined him and Ikir. Ikir makes Tahu top-heavy and he will fall backwards unless he is leaning forward.
- There is no instructions for the Unity function in the instruction booklet. I already shamed Lego for this in my Ikir review, so I make this short. Shame on you Lego, this would have been in the instruction booklet back in the day.
--(Minor update note: I did find a little diagram on the back of the box showing you where you are supposed to place Ikir on Tahu. But it is really small and my point still stands: This should be in the instruction booklet.)--
- There is not enough blue on this set to contrast everything else. This set needs more blue if it is going to incorporate blue as a contrasting color. printing on the chest plate and two solid color bohrok eyes will not cut it. The color doesn't even match blue pins!
- The chest armor is a chunk of plastic. This limits the usage of the piece. What else do I need to say? Also I feel it is a bit over-detailed.
- The weapons are asymmetrical. One of them has an axle sticking out of one of the axle connectors...WHY!?!?!?!
- The weapons cannot be removed easily. You have to take them apart to remove them. I'm pretty sure this was a con for Umbra back in G1 guys.

So would I recommend this set? Yes and no. I recommend it for the parts, not the build. I suggest sticking with 2015 Tahu if you only have the money for one set. If you're a first time Bionicle fan, get 2015 Tahu first. But hey, if you're a fan of the line, then you'll probably like this set.


The swords can combine to form a staff apparently.

Tahu's an alright set to me. He does some things right, some wrong, but all in all I'm just not interested in him.

I agree with this, but even then I still like it. I'll pick him up.