ChaoticTempleKnight Reviews: Toa Hagah Norik

Hello everyone! ChaoticTempleKnight here to review set number 8763: Toa Hagah Norik

Toa Norik is a member of the Toa Hagah, a special team created to help the Makuta. But sadly the Hagah were either eliminated or corrupted. Norik and his team are the only Toa Hagah remaining.

So this is is a special set that was released alongside Toa Iruini to…umm…Well shoot, I can’t seem to find that info.

Anyways, I always wanted this set as a kid. And a while back I managed to finally get one. This is another one of my favorite sets, although this one is not as high as my favorites. And like my Pridak and Gelu reviews, this was planned to go up at that time a while back. Anyways, let’s get into this.

Obviously these are going to be my opinions.

- His color scheme is pretty good. Norik is a toa of fire, so naturally he has the colors that go along with that, red. Norik makes use of Metru red, Silver, and Black. And these colors are balanced pretty well in my opinion. Although I will say that it is a little confusing considering Norik has a black torso. My best guess is that they wanted to make him look different from Toa Lhikan? Lhikan had a metru red torso and black leg connector whereas Norik has the reverse.
- Return of old parts. For old parts returning we get silver metru feet, a silver metrutoan body, Silver metru armor, Nuva shoulder pads, Vahki legs, metru arms, and Gali Nuva’s weapons. It’s all pretty nice to see.
- We got some recolors in there. We only get a few recolors, but what we get is the Kanohi Kiril in silver (known as the Pehkui in this set), the metrutoran body in silver, silver metru feet, and silver metru armor.
- New parts… All we get is the Hagah ■■■■■■■■■■■’s it. The “Pehkui” doesn’t count as we have gotten the mask before albeit in a different color.
- The Hagah shield is a launcher. This is pretty neat to see honestly. The shield fires a Rhotuka. I believe one of the Rhotuka Norik came with a code for the Kanoka club on Bionicle’s G1 website.

- The shield is janky and awkward. First things first: While I appreciate the shield, it is awkwardly placed on Norik. It doesn’t look like he is even holding it right. And there is another con relating to this which I will get to in a minute. Now onto the launcher…yeah, mine doesn’t work. The rip cord for the launcher gets stuck which prevents me from launching the Rhotuka. Plus I can’t even get a good grip on the rip cord to use it properly.
- There is a correction notice in my instruction booklet… WHAT…IS EVEN GOING ON HERE!?! Excuse me Lego!?! In short, there is a little correction notice for page 13 of my instruction booklet. I highly doubt the seller I bought Norik from did this as the piece of paper looks extremely professional and it is made out of the same material as the booklet. You know what this means? Lego messed up the instruction booklet. Nice going Lego, page 13 involves the shield. It’s bad enough that Norik holds it awkwardly. This makes things even worse.
- The staff arm is janky. So the staff arm can end up flopping all over the place as it is unbalanced weight wise. It doesn’t help that the shield arm uses a pin/axle combo connector. This allows the gears to move freely. Also because of another con we will get to soon, it is hard to pose the staff so it doesn’t move all over the place. Oh, and the staff arm collides with the chest armor…yeah. This is why the gear function is not listed as a pro.
- The arms are janky. So the arms are in reverse which causes them to use the knee/elbow side as a wrist. CAN YOU GUESS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!?! Yup, the hand has EXTREMELY limited articulation. This makes it hard to pose the staff and makes holding the shield awkward.
- There is only storage for one Rhotuka. Why are the titans of 05 the only ones who got proper Rhotuka storage? Anyways; yeah, the same issue from the Rahagah, Visorak, and Hordika carried over to the Toa Hagah’s shields. It makes it very easy to lose the Rhotuka (assuming you didn’t launch it outside and lose it which we will get to soon).
- It is VERY easy to lose the Rhotuka. Don’t ever use this function…ever. You WILL lose the Rhotuka.
- Norik’s staff makes no sense. Can someone tell me why he is using a weapon on his staff that is known for being associated with the water element when he is a Toa of Fire?

I actually can’t recommend this set… wow… See, the Toa Hagah look cool. But at the end of the day, you realize they are so freaking janky it’s not funny. This is what a kid makes if all he has is left over Toa Metru and Vahki parts. You want the mask? You could probably get it off of brick link or in a parts lot. Don’t bother with this set and just get Iruini. At least he has gold parts and a new mask.


What’s that?

A slip of paper that serves as a correction for one of the instructions in the instructions booklet.

It’s just an ax. It was only used on Gali once.

As I said before, your reviews are good.
Also, that stuff is pretty janky.

Norik was the first set I ever built, BIONICLE or LEGO. Even if he is janky, he’s the reason I am the way I am. But it’s nice to see that he was pretty messy in hindsight, I guess.

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Nice review.

Janky as the arms are, I still really like this set myself and find it improves several aspects of the Metru.

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