Chaotix: Lord on High

Last but not least, is Chaotix: Lord on High. He is the eldest of his three siblings. As his title suggest he is the ruler in which there is no one higher. He’s quick to temper and often will destroy the creation of his siblings out spite. Shadah being very rebellious has often brought this wrath on her many times. Especially when she stole his sacred flame.



Looks decently cool.

Those are some neat sythes

The shoulders looks flimsy. I’d change the design for the thighs. I don’t think this is bad though.

The thighs look a bit weird and happy, but otherwise great job

I’d try to avoid using both flat and pearlecent gold. You may also benefit from not using only two Mata red pieces. Either add more of the color, or remove the little there is.

All in all, the only issues I really have are the colors. The build is nice.