Char, Merc.

A gun for hire.

This moc was a ‘moc study’ of sorts on the mocing style of Patrick Biggs, aka SEDVR. As he’s made several similar figures this year, my brain started to tick and pick up how it all seems to work. I decided to see how I’d fare with his style.

I like many of the designs I picked up, but on some levels I feel a little disappointed by their simplicity. The jacket is one of the high points, with a posable hem and everything, but its fragility makes me feel uneasy. Both sides of the jacket flop on a single connection point. I could potentially work with similar designs again if I figure ways to make them sturdier. I tend to prefer sturdiness and playability over fragile designs when mocing.

Either way, I’ve proven I can build with one more style. I like to consider myself a jack-of-all-trades in biomocing, so this is another addition to that title. Mind my patting self in the back. =P


I like it. Reminds me a lot of Demoman.


I like it, though something in the torso area feels bit awkward imo.

Others have pointed out that it’s a bit too bulky. Doesn’t stand out as much live though, but the proportions became larger than those of Biggs’ mocs.

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@MaximusPrimal EMOPAN?

looks like a bounty hunter from star wars. in other words: looks great

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Head is a bit small RIP

Still looks nice

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Maybe just a smidge. It matches with the rule that a man’s shoulders are 3 heads wide though. (And a woman’s 2 heads wide.) I seem to have a preference for smaller heads. For whatever reason a small head is one of the most common criticisms I’ve gotten.


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I really like the legs, which are built well and fit with the mercenary motif. I also really like all the detailing on the torso, but I think some of the proportions of the torso are off. I think it might be that the torso isn’t tall enough for the legs/arms.


The yellow part in his torso looks very odd. Otherwise it’s a good moc

I walked into this, thinking it was gonna be a Char Aznable MOC.

I was disappointed in that regard, and that regard only.

this ain’t half bad.

i like the torso and the poses it fits well

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