Character Themes!

Now, I dunno if this is the right place for this, but whatevs.

If you've made a Bio or Hero MOC, you've made a character! And, sometimes, writers will associate a character with a song. It becomes, to them, the character's theme. And I wanna know if you guys have done that with any of your characters and songs you know. I have a few I wanna share:

Black and White by Skyhill.

Float On by Modest Mouse

Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons

Dare by Stan Bush

I Wll Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin

Maybe I'm the only one who does this, but I'd love to see err, hear songs you guys associate with your MOCs/Characters! 8D


Never got onto this trend, nor will I want to. I think theme songs should be original and unique to the character.

That's awesome let me think of a song I love for myself...

Entropy by Mr FiiWiji & Direct.


Well, with now Toa Dambro, his story is described in Evil Angel by Breaking Benjamin, like the fact his friends were wiped out, and he tries to defeat the ones that did that.

Man, my characters are too dynamic for this kind of thing.

Marendar is totally Iron Savior though.




Eljay (Mangosteen Mode):

I make character playlists for characters I use a lot so I can get in the "mood" of writing them. Pretty much all of these songs represent some sort of anthem for the character, or have at least one line that explains his/her reasoning.

For instance, this is Kahi's:

If I have time sometime later I'll do a write-up on what each song means for the character.


I always felt this was the theme for Toa Fatorak, my self MOC.

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Toa theme.

I have just recently began doing something like this! I really like to listen to music while i'm making my mocs, and if I find a song that really motivates the style I'm building I'll provide that song with my moc post! usually the back story is assisted with the story behind the song, but there's still a chance that it won't fit them whatsoever smile

For Solus, this songs rhythm inspired his build, and the english lyrics helped me out with his back story:

And while building Ultrio I was just in a big Linkin park mood, and I had listened to that song the most. It just conveniently fits with his story(maybe it was some subconscious inspiration?)

I found this song whilst building Kraazyk and it fit how I imagined him so well I proclaimed it to be his theme in my head for all time:

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Well, I don;t normally associate pre-existing music with my characters, but for one of them, Kurutteru, this just fit perfectly (primarily the chorus).

And for the Trio of Idiocy (Katarax, Nuku, and Nordik), we have this.

2013/2014 Marendex.


2015 Marendex


(Note: Some of these my be subject to change at any time.)

Just what I needed


When in battle:

Transformed/Full power

Sam/Vent/Sentinel VX

When in battle: