Charpai, Toraros, and Polarus: Masters of Magnetism

(Ok first off I'm terrible with naming characters, these guys sound like pokemon!)

Anyway this is a project I've wanted to do for a while, but because of exams I couldn't even start on it until yesterday! Essentially I wanted to make a toa of magnetism, but then one of my friends suggested I make 2 of them to account for the opposite poles. And so Charpai and Toraros were born!

Charpai controls the attraction forces of magnetism and Toraros controls the repulsion.

But then I had the idea of taking these guys a step further by giving them a new form... Polarus!

A shot showing the two components, and how they are connected

Tahu for size...

Thanks for lolooking! Does Polarus stack up? Comments and Criticisms welcome!


How my opinion changed throughout viewing this:

First pic: They look good, not amazing but good.

Second pic: Oh cool is this a revamped version?

Third pic: Wait what?

After reading the text and thinking: HOLY COW THEY COMBINE!

So yeah. I love them


Preety interesting overall, tho hands on red one should be changed to somethong more-hand-like looking

I don't no the hands look fine to me. They remind me of some sort of boxing glove which really works well on a beefy build.

it's like the energon dinobots.

but good.


I absolutely love the gestalt feature, especially how the Onua Shovels work out in the combined form.


They're Toa of Magnetism.

Best MOCs ever.

Seriously though, these MOCs are pretty awesome. I love the combined form.
The colors are a little odd for a Toa of Magnetism, but still look good nonetheless.
I'm not much of a MOC critic, but I like them. The two separate guys look a little odd and in some ways unfinished, but I really like Polarus.

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I don't know why, but when I first read that, I thought it said mangosteen... o_O


This is genius. The fact that they can combine without having to take the both of them apart is inspiring.
Now I want to try this. How I would go about it, I have no clue.

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this is brilliant. Not only are they like those powerlinx combiners, but their bio matches and they look cool

I love your work man! Keep it up!

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Nice! They look very individual while apart, but the combiner looks very smooth!

These are really cool!

I think I'd like Polarus more if he used the stringer mask. Can't stand those Nuva masks...

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Really cool


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Thanks! I surprised ya didn't I? :smile:

Thanks,I drew some inspiration from the old energon cartoon, thank goodness I remembered enough so I didn't have to re-watch it.

I doubted the power of the shovels, but it turns out they are extremely versatile.

Thanks for teaching me a new fruit :laughing:

Thank you! My suggestion would be to sketch out how you want the MOC's to combine and what area they cover on the combiner. Having a basic idea beforehand really helped me out with this build.

I chose to add the colors red and blue as they remind me of those magnet illustrations and to give the characters a little individuality.

Yeah I'm normally not too fond of the nuva masks. They're big and make the rest of the body look small. But giving Polarus a smaller mask makes his head look comically tiny.


I really like the builds of the individual Toa and the concept of them both controlling different fields of magnetism. The combiner looks completely natural and very cool. I can't really say anything bad about these. Keep up the good work



so these aren't like, amazing or whatnot

but HOLY HECK is that one good combination

I didn't see that coming

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I like it, if that's okay with you...

...So now actual feedback, those hands man, at first I was like what but then they grew on me. The other thing I like is that Onua mask, it just has so much personality. Again I will say, I like it...

Do you think you could show the skeletons or make an LDD file?

From TJOmega: "Me Grimlock King, use skinny friend as pants!" Lol but seriously this is an excellent MOC and something that I have wanted to do for a long time.


I'm afraid not, these guys are long gone.