Chi Mungus and Sir Fangar 2015 Redux

FYI these are revamps I did a while back and gave them a slight update

Sir Fangar

His changes are very minimal, gave him proper hands, changed the ball pieces in him and the ice claws on the feet. Not much but feels better.


While I was reconstructing Voltix and Black Phantom I wanted to tweak on Mungus and Fangar. Remade his arms and legs, his legs having a knee joint at last while the first version didn't.





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I'm sure Fangar would appreciate that compliment :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking good! You are officially the master of Chima Mocing :wink:

These look really good.

I really like the white one.

Originally disliked the cluttered look.
Then I realized how much it resembled fur.

Thank you =D I also plan to make an eagle/rhino hybrid, with 'majestic' wings and all, but aside from the head the rest of the MOC is still in limbo.

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This MOC is actually pretty good! I like the design!

looks at MOC


Holy cow that is an amazing MOC!