Chibi Black knight (shovel knight moc)

Sorry for blurry pics

my camera does not like black

but yeah
Its black knight
Shovel knights rival

I was going to build shovel knight to go with this guy, but sadly I could not find another black bohrok foot
Plus, I need to go look for some gold pieces

and some kind of helmet for shovel knight

but he will be made
one day


Well, at least this guy can't be beat. The only wounds he's suffered are flesh wounds. Nice MOC.


Shovel Knight should use Jayko's helmet.

But yes, I love this, and I love you.

It works so very well, m8.


How did you put the helmet on?

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what does chibi mean

Chibi is a Japanese term that means cute or small.

As far as the moc goes it looks great!


flips nearby table


I'm done!!

leaves due to the cuteness of the moc

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Through a hand piece, two 1x2 flat technic liftarms, a 3 long axle, and my wit.

not only is this cute
but its deadly.

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cue Recap Review reference

Cute little MOC. His shovel (if that's what that is) seens a bit too small though.

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His shovel took 30 seconds in total to make.

this entire moc took about 5ish minutes