Chibi Gali

I was trying to build Gali out of parts I could find, but I’m missing an arm and two gears so I decided to make my own.

I’m much more satisfied with the results than what I initially planned for.

Prior to this, I expertimented with some system to create a custom head for another moc. I achieved my goal, but I thought I could take the head design to the next level and made it compatible with mixel eyes. I tested with some masks and thought the kaukau and huna worked best, and so I decided to make Gali with mixel eyes

Size comparison with Tahu

I’ll let you caption this one

Thanks for viewing! Thoughts and Criticisms are appreciated!


Adorable! The eyes are so expressive!

Reminds me of Water Pressure.


I love the use of the Mixel eyes behind the Kaukau! It gives it so much expression!


Oh no… my heart…

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A cute Gali is a good Gali ~


Gali’s a matoran now

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