Chibi Nui #1 - Jezeret, Toa of Light

A stalwart protector of the Av-Matoran in ancient times.

Jezeret was once an Av-Matoran living in Karda-Nui. He was exposed to energised protodermis which leaked out of a vent he was repairing, which transformed him into a Toa of Light.

As a Toa, Jezeret used his powers to defend his friends from threats from the Shadowcaverns connecting Karda-Nui to the rest of the Matoran Universe. Able to fire laser blasts and move an incredible speeds with his Great Kakama, Jezeret was a force to be reckoned with despite never having any sort of training. Being an Av-Matoran, he was already well practiced at using his elemental powers.

While his Toa Tool was the light blade he carries, the staff was a weapon he found in the shadowcaverns. Somehow the resident Ja’kat species (a race of subterranean slavers related to the zyglak) had discovered a way to command Bohrok units by binding krana to their traditional staff weapons. Jezeret fought the Ja’kat at length in an attempt to stop them from doing this, but was defeated.

Jezeret was the first of my Chibi-Nui, created out of the six self-MOC chibi I made in Chibi Series 1: Luja, Cossy, Jordan2444, Vazok, Kalik and The Wanderer. He was created in August 2011.

At the time of writing, I have made four such chibi nui and am in the process of uploading them and the chibis making them up here.

If you want to recommend someone’s self-MOC for the same treatment, or have questions, be sure to leave a comment over on my post here!


'MERICA!!! Sorry I had to say that when I saw his colour scheme.

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I think adding more colors would be nice, like ‘The Prism Warrior’, where light comes in and comes out as different colors and therefore different elements.

An update to this one as I gradually create models and renders of all the old chibis and nuis in

Which seems to be just as well with the images missing!


Those colors remind me of that one HF combiner from the first wave, Lucas Valor