Chibi Nui #2 - Vherio, Demon of the Night Forest

A demon from the deepest depths of another world, Vherio would wait in the forest and lure innocent children to their doom.

A dark, roving spirit, Vherio inhabited a highland forest for centuries, and at night he would lure travellers off the beaten path, invisible but for his colourful tail. He would take special delight in luring children away from the safety of their village.

The demon's demise came one night when a knight entered the forest. Taking the guise of a lost traveller, the knight kept his sword hidden until Vherio got close. When the invisible demon reached out to grab him, the knight drew his blade and chopped off the demon's left hand!

Their battle raged through the forest for a day and a night, until at last the demon was slain, and sent back to the nether realm he had once called home. Vherio searches constantly for a way to escape, but is not wise enough to ally himself with other demons - or perhaps he is wise, since treachery and betrayal is the norm for his kind.

Vherio was the second of my Chibi-Nui, created out of the six chibi I made in Chibi Series #2 - Shadow: Dystrax, Grimblade, Akara, Shadow, Junie and Jibs.

At the time of writing, I have made four such chibi nui and am in the process of uploading them and the chibis making them up here.

If you want to recommend someone's self-MOC for the same treatment, or have questions, be sure to leave a comment over on my post here!


Hy there, Gringat! (Or at least I hope you are lol-pretzel from dA.) Welcome to the Message boards :smile: Nice MOC, but I think the yellow socket piece on the tail is off colour. Happy MOCing,

-Eddie (aka Mata4NuiStudios)

I love it, but the tail is a bit odd.

Nice MOC. Good job.