Chibi Nui #4 - "Mindbreaker"

A scourge from the deepest depths of the Matoran Universe, “Mindbreaker” personified the Ja’kat species’ reputation as brutal slavetakers.

“Mindbreaker” is a Ja’kat. His species are related to the Zyglak. They dwell in the Shadowcaverns (the series of massive ducts and tunnels running through the Great Spirit Robot) and spend much of their time engaged in bloody underground wars against themselves, bohrok, or the subterranean Ak-Matoran.

“Mindbreaker” has been a slaver as long as he can remember, trafficking captured matoran and other sentients and selling them to the highest bidder. He currently works for the Shadowed One. While he is affiliated, he does not consider himself a true dark hunter. He merely gives the Shadowed One a share of his slaving profits and runs the occasional mission for him in return for advanced equipment and maintenance.

Thanks to the Dark Hunters, “Mindbreaker” is equipped with a special sensor array and a state of the art blaster weapon from Xia, able to fire bolts of psionic energy, all the better to incapacitate his prey without damaging the hardware. He also carries a bone javelin, a traditional weapon carried by all Ja’kat. His lacks the ability to command bohrok that some have.

After the Reformation of Spherus Magna, “Mindbreaker” kept working for the Shadowed One, up until a rogue toa known only as “The Baron” overtook the organisation. Many dark hunters left the organisation after this, but “Mindbreaker” didn’t much care. He just carried on slaving as he did before.

When Gloriana recruited the Dark Hunters to fight in the War of the Weave, “Mindbreaker” was reluctantly drafted into the conflict. His skills made him ideal for subterfuge and the kidnapping of key targets.

“Mindbreaker” was the fourth of my Chibi-Nui, created out of the six chibi I made in Chibi Series #4 - Ice: Raziel, F33-X2, Glacies, Niyyan, Jac and Mr. Cocofish

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I love the head, and the rest was good to.