Chibi tahu

this is my chibi tahu m.o.che has a fire sword and a flame clawthat is his back. I hope you guys like this m.o.c this is the m.o.c I posted in the ttv message boards.


Eh… er…

the build itself is awkward. The main problem is the legs. Why splay them out on the upper socket when you can connect the socket to the side? Actually looking at the design he needs a new lower torso. Question the crotch crystal. And that back view reveals some… unneeded things. Otherwise the armor feels somewhat awkward on him, especially since all he has are a bohrok shield, and 01 tahu’s Hau and sword. The wing-spike-back parts thing sorta helps, but otherwise feels out of place

sorry man, but you might need to revise this

I’ll be generous and try giving it a 4.9/10, he’s decent


Yeah he still needs alot of work. Thanks for your opinion.

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Like JMP, I say the same critiques, but unlike him, I have a different system.

Color Scheme is a thing. +5

Ew, that Back. -5
Some of the connections could be better. -5
The body could be a bit smaller… maybe. It looks awkward. his shoulders are too broad. -10
Is this Nuva, or Mata? Either way, It doesn’t fit. -5

Total: -20. You and I are pretty much equal in terms of MOCing. That is good. Just… listen to the advice I have given. :wink:

FYI, the worst case scenario is -85. The best is +65.


I agree but my rating is an 3.7/10 Now he looks like a devil ( unless thats the look u were going for.) Nuva or mata idk. The back could use some work. But hey nice moc though.

It’s sniff sniff BEAUTIFUL!!! XD

He looks ok, but could use some more red on his back.