Chibi Trinuma

This was made for @1000Purse30’s fun-size contest.

The goal was to make a very small MOC. In this case I happened to have a Trinuma/mask of charisma head in he works, so I decided to give it a body. I tried to keep the colors somewhat set-accurate, but at this scale it is pretty hard. Also as a whole this was pretty rushed (took me about 45-60 minute build).

So yeah, C&C is appreciated.



Doc Ock would approve the use of the rubber band.


Unfortunately the connect is so weak they will fall off otherwise.

The struggle is real with the color usage of rubber band although it was also used for friction .

Accurate who he’s suppose to be-

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Anyways nice chibi you’ve got there.

@Square: Yeah… the problem is (if I remember correctly) that yellow rubber bands are the longest I have, and red ones won’t reach far enough.

@Tarkur: Thanks!

Insanely cute and bubbly.

Where can I get one? :o

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Bricklink. :stuck_out_tongue:

Huh, neat.

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This is spectacular. I think the parts usage was very creative. Great work.


Super fun little moc. I wish there were a way to attach the leg armor without those blue bands. But I’m sure you did the best you could.

Weapon is cool.

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I think you managed to nail all his major attributes. I especially like how the jetpack and his blaster were designed.

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The parts usage is very well done. The way you managed to make aspects of the original small is excellent, that’s what I am looking for
Great job :thumbsup:

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Thank you! Yeah, that was about the only way I could find to attach that leg armor while still having a ball joint.

Thanks! I tried to do my best to mimic his combiner attributes.

He’s so tiny! I love it.