Chicken burgers

Roadkill scouted the forest, no sign of autobots

Fury followed behind him, disgusted by her new although mode and this world.“Coming here was a mistake,” She growled,“What do we hope to gain by being here?”

“There are humans, they could be fun to destroy!” Roadkill smirked, he drove through plants and bushes “Only problem is a few chips and bruises!”

“The hell is a human?” Fury growled.

"I don’t really know, I think I saw some when I found my vehicle mode

“We’re wasting time that could have been used trashing autobots back on Cybertron.”

“Well sarge sent us here, but…” Roadkill started “Funny story Sarge, after he died in that ‘crash’…”

“Who’s in charge then?”

“I don’t know, I want to be though!” Roadkill smiled

“What makes you think you’re good enough to run things?”

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IC: “I somehow knew you’d ask that!”

“Bull,” she growled.

“So you believe you’d make a better leader?” He asked

“I know that I could kick your skid plate halfway across this mudball.”

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IC: “But then Who’ll save you from the Autobots that will likely arrive?” Asked Roadkill

“I’d butcher them like I’d butcher you.”

“I’d love to see you try!” He would smile @Traykar

She activated her energon axe in response.

“Alright!” He smirked “Two can play at that game!” He revealed his machine gun