Chill the Mini Titan

Chill is a triple-jointed leg walking, sword swinging arm thruster. I made Chill when I was bored (I got an inspiration from Attack on Titan). Chill has custom built hands, lower arms, and torso. Chill is on the side of good. He helps when ever he can, but if he gets mad or goes on a rampage, he can destroy a city.

Normal Standing Pose

Sword Cross Pose

Size Comparison


The Back

The Skeleton

This was inspired from my mind and Attack on Titan


Moved to Creative Content- Resident Fake Muscles

The MOC’s design looks really cool, though the back could use some work. And the colours need some work as well, with the gold, white, and silver needing better distribution, and with the gunmetal shoulder pads and the black feet looking out of place with the rest of the colours scheme.

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I wasn’t sure what to do. Those feet are the only ones that I have like that, and I didn’t want to use the new Bionicle/Hero Factory beast feet because those are used so much, and those only come in black. I wanted to use more gold but I barely had any. The silver, I don’t know why I added it in. I also wanted to use silver shoulder pads.

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Those feet do come in white and gold, and you can give them claw attachments to make them look more unique.

This guy’s pretty amazing. I like how you have started using the new crystal pieces already, and they look great on a bone of the same color. Also


not gonna lie i cant see the aot inspiration at all

Not bad, I made something similar to this a while back.

Surprisingly enough I actually like the custom head but the feet and randomly coloured system parts near his hand could be fixed.

I like him, my only suggestion is to change some proportions.

Pretty unique.
Nothing to really critique.