Chima 2015 Set Images Leaked

Chima 2015 Set Images Leaked!

Spawning from the Bionicle and Ninjago set images leaks, Chima has also seen some set pictures released. Continuing the Fire vs. Ice theme that’s been prevalent from this previous year, the Chima sets continue on with some very nice transparent red and blue pieces, and all of the main characters also sport nice new fire wings.

Interesting of note is that the Phoenix set includes the character Flinx, the son of the Phoenix King Fluminox, who we last saw in the Chima television show and who has yet to earn his “fire wings”. It seems like he will become a much more prevalent character in the following episode and year, as well as earn those wings after all. As always, you can view the entire list of 2015 Chima sets in our previous article.

[Source] “Image Gallery" via Dingsda

Written by: Kahi, 9/14/2014

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I'm digging these.

Especially the cool wing pieces, and the Ice Bear Mech.

Dem battle packs.

Honestly, I am a bit disappointed that each seems to have only three figs.

The flags look baller, though

dem ice bears tho

Those Lion and Crocodile Tribe Pack sets...!!!!!

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