Chima G2?

Would anyone else here want to see a Next-generation for the Legends of Chima? I really enjoyed the theme while it was around. Does anyone have any idea for what could be done next with Chima? I feel sad it continued shorter than it did and didn’t get to buy many sets, and I can’t seem to find any. I think it had an expansive world that I’d like to see more of. So thoughts on Lego making a Chima G2?


I liked the idea of vehicles that look like animals, but it kind of got a little tiring. Some mini figures looked cool, other looked really weird. So I don’t know


Personally, I don’t think giving Chima another run would be necessary.

This is coming from someone who followed Chima avidly at the time- albeit I went back and forth on whether I actually LIKED it, but I certainly did keep up with it. It was an interesting concept with plenty of potential, but they really ruined it in execution as seems to be the case with many story driven Lego themes in recent years. If I wanted to see Chima done better or expanded upon, I’d put it off until Lego changes their philosophy regarding original stories.

And even then, something about it still doesn’t seem very viable to me. I guess it could have been that the sloppy execution left me sour on it, but the thought of getting it back just doesn’t strike me as terribly exciting. Looking at what’s become of my Chima collection, it’s really just ended up shelf warming in my closet or broken down for moccing. I never display my sets or figures or anything. Interest in it kinda just evaporated for me when the show ended.

So uh, short answer, no I’d rather not see a Chima G2.


I liked the concept of having a minifigure with another face (helmet) over a face (minifigure head)

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For some animals, I would agree with you. For the Crocodiles, while their mini figures looked arguably the coolest imo, their head piece left an opening where you could see the second face. I can guarentee you that was so you could use those faces without the head and not have a mouthless face.


I liked how chima introduced red beast feet for birds. If they introduce sand red beast feet in G2 I’ll flip out and buy all of the phoenixes so I can add that one extra shade to my measly sand red collection.

Well, what is the case for me, The LEGO Company in giving the LEGO Legends of CHIMA theme another run is absolutely essential to me!!! This is because, what is the case as of right now, I see The LEGO Company as a racist/species company against reptiles as it seems to hate reptiles (you can just look at the LEGO NINJAGO theme: the reptile characters – the Serpentine – in it are always “bad guys”!); so, what is in order to undo that, The LEGO Company just HAS TO bring back the LEGO Legends of CHIMA theme but this time with the Lions as the main “bad guys” – with Laval in being the main antagonist and villain – and the Crocodiles as the main “good guys” – with Cragger in being the main protagonist and hero (I just want Laval’s reputation to be lowered to the same level as Cragger’s reputation, as I just CAN’T EMOTIONALLY STAND Laval in being on a higher moral ground than Cragger is, there!).

The vast majority of the Serpentine are actually currently just citizens, as far as I’m aware. They don’t do much except for warning the Ninja about their evil cousins, or whatever.


Part of the reason that reptiles are almost always villainous is the natural human aversion to most reptiles, snakes in particular.

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why would you reboot a disposable and soon-to-be-obscure three-year theme

Because it had great concepts and great sets.


That is such a racist/species-ist attitude from far, far, far too many people, which is especially the case with the ones in Hollywood (who make/direct/write many of the movies and T.V. shows in the Western world), in which I just cannot emotionally stand there, with us in seeing as I’m a huge reptile fan!!! It’s also a trope that just needs to go away or at least be inverted 50% of the time! :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::rage::rage::rage::triumph::triumph::triumph:

I am for a Chima G2. General story of Chima I like, and sets I remember were cool. I never watched the show, but considering its apparent quality, that is a good thing.

Here is my proposal for Chima G2 story.

In land of Chima, two alliances of animal tribes fight over Chi. Chi is extremely important for the animals. It is their food, it powers their machines, and it maintains their sapience. It is said to be gift from the great Arkonis, who created all the tribes.

Once, Chima was governed by the Lion Tribe, who allocated Chi to each tribe. But rumors emerged, saying that Lions hoarded Chi for themselves, leading to current conflict.


Lion Tribe
Brave lions consider themselves to be monarchs of all animals, wise guardians of Chi. According to this philosophy, Chima is their territory to govern, right and responsibility given to them by divine Arkonis. Lions are governed by Lion King, hailing from an ancient lineage that ruled the Lions since time immemorial.

Eagle Tribe
Principal allies of the lions, the eagles lack a single leader, being governed by a democratic council. Eagles always vigorously pursue what they believe to be right, and joined the lions very quickly.
Eagles are innovators amongst the animals, their minds being less grounded than other tribes. They created much of technology animals use. Vehicles of eagle tribes are magnificent flying machines.

Snake Tribe
If you leave snakes alone, they will leave you alone. Bother them, and they will issue a warning. If you ignore that warning, they strike with fang and poison. Snakes are governed by the Asssssembly. Leading snakes are chosen for their ability to ssspeak and to hisss. Snakes were last to join Lions, after extensive deliberation.


Crocodile Tribe
Crocodiles are naturaly easy to anger and rather aggressive. It is said that once, Crocodiles lived in perpetual state of bellicose anarchy, stopped when a crocodile invented codes of honor, and was invested with kingship.
Crocodiles are quick to lunge at anyone who they see as dishonorable. They were the first tribe to start fighting in the conflict. Crocodiles are governed by Crocodile King, but dynasty has changed several times.

Wolf Tribe
Wolves are naturaly driven by honor, and respect all promises they make. This led them to fight against the Lions, to thank Crocodile Tribe for past help. Wolves see themselves to all be brothers. They are very pack-driven and llack single leader, being governed by Pack Council, which meets at midnight, preferably at full moon.

Raven Tribe
Ravens are not good at creating things out of scratch, but can repurpose everything and anything. They refined many inventions of Eagles, but got little credit. Their vehicles are weak, but fast, and come in great numbers. Ravens were disliked by other tribes, despite their contributions in improving technology, and so, joined Crocodiles.

First third of Chima show’s first year is from point of Lion Alliance, and Crocodiles are seen as villains. Second third is from point of Crocodile Alliance, and Lions are seen as villains. In truth, neither alliance could be said to be the bad guys. Conflict emerged from misunderstanding, and was sustained through pride. In third third, the conflict is resolved and peace is established.

In second year, Chi overflows, causing creation of Spider, Scorpion and Locust tribes. Six tribes put aside their former differences, and repel the invasion. In third year, Chi stops flowing. Animals descend underground to repair flow of Chi, and find an advanced society of animals who venerate Arkonis to a scary level. At end, it is revealed Arkonis is Dr. Brickenstein, a human who uplifted animals through power of the science.

Whoa whoa whoa!!! Now, before we get derailed, I admire your fanaticism. But can’t we just admit Lego is flawed without going literally crazy over it?

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