Chima: online (game)

I really like china online, so let’s talk about it. if you dont know its an game on that is kinda like an mmo. i reallly like it, so i want to see who else does, and maybe we can play together.


I much as don’t like to admit it, I played a lot of Chima Online earlier this year…

It just reminds me so much of LU… Tears start to fall. Why, TLG? Why?

But anyway, I did actually find it enjoyable.


I used to play it too… And I made a let’s play that ended after three episodes. I think that you shouldn’t have to pay for expanding the outpost though…



Does anyone know how the whole MMO thing works? Is it just with people in your area, or… something else?

MMO’s are nowadays just to get your money. I wish there were some cool ones that didn’t require payment.



To be honest I tried Chima Online and it was ehh. And the bugs crippled the game too.

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The sad part is, practically every other MMO I’ve played has a good amount of content for those who don’t want to pay. SWTOR, STO, PlanetSide2, Mechwarrior… It’s just that Lego has made all their games to be pretty much cash cows that only sell because the branding is there.


Yes, I know… right…? [I just can’t afford for me to constantly keep spending money on a single video game for the exact same platform!!! (Then again, what is on the other figurative hand, as for me in spending a *reasonable* amount of money on occasional DLC packs that come out once or twice a year on video games like Mario Kart 8 for the Nintendo Wii U – I don’t mind it, ***if*** they come with a decent amount of new content for the amount of money that I spend on them.)]

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