chimera artakhan prosthetic mastermind

Ga matoran on artakha orignally where weavers and tool carvers before chimera came along with one of the most craziest inventions to ever enter the island

chimera is a local to the island or artakha and works harder then any of the other ga matoran in making ideas in order to help the populous which lead her to making prosthetic attachments for any matoran who got hurt in any major way and she perfected her craft to the point of even impressing the master of creation himself

chimera always had an outgoing personality and was hard at work with mechanics and borrowed a lot from the forges at times when she need. when seiumi arrived to the island chimera was appalled by the poor craftsmanship of it so she instantly went to make a way better arm one more suitable for her new home on artakha and bodyguard of the head scribe sora

after the raid of artakha chimera chose to work along side the order allowing her ideas to run freely without the possibility of someone telling her to stop however after the final battle she decided to leave the order and explore the new world gathering new materials and ideas which she wrote in a journal before she finally settled 9000 years after the final battle she settled down in a lone village and even made a new arm for a toa of water but recent events seem to be stirring the village and may soon lead to chaos

Feel free to comment any thoughts or opinions on the design or story of chimera i enjoy hearing what has to be said


Nice. I like the color scheme and lore.

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That’s a very vibrant colour scheme!

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The colour scheme pops, the part usage is creative, especially the shoulders. The lore is nice as well. Good job!