Chiptune music(Remixes, Video Game OST, ETC)

I likes me some crunchy bit music, mainly 8 bit


that halo theme



Personally I don’t find 8-bit music enjoyably to listen to.


Do I like chiptune remixes?

Yes I do.

As well as original chiptune music.

Scott Pilgrim versus The World has the best sound track ever. The video game not the movie that is. Anamaguchi best chip tune band ever. 10/10

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Well, have you heard of these guys?

I like them, however I wouldn’t go out of my way listen to it.

Only chiptune

can we change this to a general video game music remix topic?

Best piece directly from the NES here.

reviving this topic because chiptune is my favourite genre of Music.
i’ve recently gotten into Dubmood

my favourite artists within this genre are probably FantomenK and Weird Bananas.

dunderpatrullen and 047 are also pretty great.