Chrome Hau

Good evening ladies and gents

A while ago I got a hold of a mask that I didn’t know existed. I won an online auction containing 4 Bohrok, Gali Nuva and a McToran Hafu, although he didn’t have his original mask. He wore a Hau that was clearly reflective. Initially, I thought I had found someone selling the 14-karat gold mask. It proved to be a plastic, silvery chrome piece that, like mentioned, I hadn’t seen before.

My question for you, my fellow community members, is the following:
Is this mask real Lego? Is it a normally colored mask that has been painted? Or is it a knock-off?

Appreciate answers, I am interested to hear!


90% sure this is the correct answer.

And by 90% sure I mean it came in the BIONICLE Power Pack with McToran Hafu.

So I’m actually 100% sure.


From what I’ve heard, the Chrome Hau is a pretty big deal.

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It’s a good thing these message boards don’t show my adress. In that case, I probably would have 20 or so rabid fans storming my house by now.

Thank you for the responses, I will treasure this mask!

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This mask is official, as it came in the BIONICLE Power Pack from 2001, along with Hafu, and another thing I can’t remember.

I’m pretty sure it goes for a lot on websites like eBay but I’m not sure.

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The Chrome Hau is one of the more sought-after pieces from BIONICLE.

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You lucky fool!

That’s real. I’m jelly.

If you’re curious, it came in this:{}

Wow. Nice find!

It looks like you can’t even get it in the states nowadays!(at least not on bricklink)

Since the legitness of the mask has been determined, this topic shall remain closed.