Chronicler and ToaKylerak's MOCs: The Turaga of Karhi Nui

Well, since I got a request from someone to display one of our Turaga, Tolunga, I thought I'd might as well show all six of the Turaga instead, since all of them look pretty cool.

Most of them where created by ToaKylerak, so give him credit for all of them except for the Turaga of Water.

Sorry for the low-def. quality. I'm taking these from my computer's camera, because my brother was on his iPad.

First off, we have Tolunga, the Turaga of Fire. Originally the leader of the Toa Cartrax, he now is the leader of the Turaga Council of Karhi Nui.

Here is Tolunga, telling the Matoran of Karhi Nui tales of their many quests as the Toa Cartrax, and the legend of Viluu, a mysterious Great Being.

Here he is having a meeting with the Toa of Fire, Kylerak (which is ToaKylerak's self MOC, if you did not know).

Up next we got Gitu, the Turaga of Water. This is the only Turaga actually created by me. Her foot is a broken piece, but it was the only thing I had to keep her color scheme up. Besides, in the story, she damages her leg.

Then we have Letagh, the stubborn Turaga of Air. He is the most colorful of the Turaga of Karhi Nui, thats for sure. Which makes sense, because he's from the air tribe in Karhi Nui.

Then we also have Komatri, the Turaga of Ice. He is my favorite Turaga, which is odd, because I usually like the stone characters. But since this is my fanon I am talking about, I actually admire Komatri in many ways.

Now we got a tough Turaga of Earth. Guto is not your ordinary Turaga of Earth. He was the bravest of the Toa Cartrax, and his bravery still follows through as a Turaga.

Indeed, Guto is always prepared. He carries a gun, which he can place on his right arm as a way of self-defense. It sens out Bio-shocks, so he can not only use it for protection, but also for something to help the Onu-Matoran do work.

Finally, we have Nupui, the Turaga of Stone. He's always cautious about clumsiness, and unfortunately for him, the Toa of Stone is a clumsy one at times.

Altogether, they make up the Turaga of Karhi Nui. Aw, they actually decided to take a group picture!

Well, those are the great Turaga of Karhi Nui, and the ones I serve after. That's all I have for today, so I guess this is the end. Tell me what you think of the Turaga! Are they awesome, or do you have some complaints? Tell me in the comments!

Oh, and may the Speed of Pohatu be with you, Adventurer!


I like them a lot!

Thanks. The Turaga have always been my favorite. By favorite of them all is Komatri.

Great job on these. smiley

I need to finish reading your stories so that I know who they are. stuck_out_tongue
Great MOCs.

That's great, but I must warn you: The reading of my stories is not an easy one. I currently am working on a saga about a Great Being that is interfering with the Matoran Universe. My current story (that is a work in progress) is known as The Chronicles of Fa. I can link it to you, if you want to read it. At the bottom of my page is a saga guide, linking you to all my finished and unfinished projects. Most are unfinished...

I actually found the Chronicles of Fa and started reading it after I had finished Mask of Power. I'm trying to go through it the way your timeline tells me on CBW.

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If you want to read the thing chronologically, it'll be a while. Knights of the Malatic and Arise of Darkness come before Mask of Power, so you may have a hard time reading it the way the guide tells you. However, do as you wish.

I started out with Mask of Power actually. I'm kinda going with order if release.

Alright, then. Have fun reading! Although, The Chronicles of Fa is not complete yet, and will be written in parts for each chapter. I hope on finishing it by the end of the year.

These are some cool little Turagas. I like the interesting color scheme on Tolunga and Komatri. My favorite is Letagh though. He does look like a chubby colorful fellow. Plus I've always just kinda liked the air tribe characters.

I wish you could take better pictures of them though. I think I might have to make a post about photography and show some tips on how to get really good photos. These Turaga deserve better pics IMO.

These guys are pretty awesome with interesting body designs and color schemes, I especially like Gitu and Guto. I like the way Gitu's body is constructed, and the choice of the Kaukau for her mask. I like Guto for the use of the Matoro mask, and his consistent colors of grey and black, I also like the addition of the gun on his arm.

Letagh used to be my favorite. But I one time wrote a short story about my Turaga of Ice. I realized that Komatri really had no established personality, so I decided to base him off of my grandfather. Thus, he is now my favorite Turaga, due to the fact I enjoy writing about him.

I decided to make Letagh be a stubborn old coot. I thought a personality like that would be interesting to a Turaga. My brother was the one who built him, and I liked the idea of him looking a bit fat. The colorful idea was because we usually see Matoran of Air having a bunch of different colors.

Gitu, to be honest, was a last-minute kind of Turaga. I had to really seacrh my remaining pieces to make a suitable Turaga of Water. Eventually, I finally made her. I found it ironic that I made her a bit hunched over. She kinda reminds me of my late great grandma with that hunch. stuck_out_tongue

Guto was all my brother's work. He likes making the Toa of Earth the cool guys, with all the technology and gadgets and unique traits. Although, he's not really my favorite, but he's a fun character to have with all the colorful traits of the Turaga of Karhi Nui. smiley

The stubborn old coot idea isn't exactly unique. I think Turaga Onewa or Whenua were portrayed that way a bit. I always kinda pictured any turaga as stubborn old men in some fashion or another. But it would be really funny to see that in a Le-turaga type. Stubborn, but a bit off his rocker to as they were all kinda airheads. I picture that and I get a good laugh. The colorful nature of your turaga really made them unique and interesting I have two Turaga of my own.


( @Venom Here's a good example of what I meant by embracing the structure color. I actually think this is one of the best examples I have of it)

And then Tipuna

They're both part of my "six villager" set which is comprised of these two representing turaga, two Matoran and two agori, all representing each of the main elements Of the six though Kumi is definitely my favorite. <3

Onewa was a stubborn old coot as a Toa. Hate that character. But his mask and tools were cool so it's okay.

That's true, But Whenua was to. But I didn't hate them though.

Onewa just reminded me of a bully. Whenua was more of the wise old sage.

I always got the feeling that Whenua just didn't want to be bothered and liked to keep to himself, that is one of the reasons he liked the archives so much.

When I first saw Whenua in MNOG he felt more tired than stubborn. Of course, I'd read Tales of the Masks and everything else in Bionicke canon before that so I knew all about him.