Chronicler draws Kirby characters

Well, since it’s the 25th Anniversary of Kirby, I decided to draw some Kirby characters. Particularly, I wanted to draw Dedede first, but I decided to draw Kirby and Meta Knight as well.

They’re not the most impressive drawings ever, but I’m satisfied with how they turned out.


I’ll be honest.

Kirby isn’t my thing mostly (Though I do use Meta Knight a bunch when I play smash with a friend)

Though that isn’t a detractor on skill. These are somewhat simple I guess but the original work wasn’t super high in detail either so it’s not a bad thing.

Long Story Short, good stuff.

Here’s a bonus drawing. I might do more.


please do, sir.

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you know me

i love me some kirby

these are good draws


I like them quite a bit. The lines aren’t as smooth as some of the drawings you put more time in, but that’s a very minor nitpick, and they’re really good nonetheless.

Here’s my boy Whispy Woods!


These are nice and cleanly done.

Right back at ya!


Very simple in style, making them fun to look at.