Chroniclers' Convergence 2015 Index

So because YouTube's dumb and has a size limit on descriptions I'm going to have to use this first post as the index due to the incredibly awesome turnout. Here's a link to the video.

(02:27) - "Toy Wars 3" by Palie Studios

(10:04) - "BioScape: Redemption" by FancyPantsBionicle

(10:31) - "Aveex Quest" by Toa Aveex

(11:32) - "Kahinuva: Ace Attorney" by BeefJStag

(11:47) - "The Bionicle: Audio-Narration Project" by Joev14

(15:48) - "BIONICLE VS HeroFactory" by PlasticArmsProductions

(16:49) - "Okoto Online Game" by BionicleFanatic

(26:43) - "BIONICLE: War of Heroes" by DoremarNuva

(27:25) - "I'd Love to Change the World" by TheTeslaEffect

(30:30) - "BIONICLE vs. Hero Factory: Last Stand" by Hey Nole Nation

(31:47) - "BIONICLE Uprising" by Deo4508

(41:46) - "Zombie Furno: The Movie" by Risebell

(42:50) - "Wing Stories: Leon's Shadow" by wingphantom89

(45:39) - "BIONICLE: Type Z" by Doomacam

(47:13) - "Bionicle: Outcasts of Okoto" by Gorix Studios

(56:02) - "Bionicle: Quest for the Ignika" by BionicleN17

(57:19) - "The Complete History of BIONICLE" by ChrisMajorAtBCC

(59:11) - "Mechanoid" by WhiteytheBrorok

(59:32) - "BIONICLE: Matoran Against Mata Nui" by Professor Turnip

(01:00:38) - "Bionicle: The Oxalon" by E-z-person

(01:01:15) - "Crunchbite's BioCraft Portfolio" by CrunchbiteNuva

(01:12:22) - "Brutaka's Game" by saronicle

(01:15:24) - "BIONICLE CREATION" by UntitledKoMatoran

(01:16:48) - "When You Chase the Light" by FireStar97

(01:19:04) - "BIONICLE: The Mask of Deception" by Aleksanderh

(01:19:27) - "Bionicle Trailer - Into the Darkness" by TheTeslaEffect

(01:23:03) - "BIONICLE: The Untold Legends" by Vorik

(01:31:16) - "Bionicle: The Vlog Series" by Fordianl

(1:32:51) - "Hoarding: Buried Alive: The Mask Hoarder" by ManeBionicleGali - "It's a WIP because we had to throw this together in order to meet the deadline."

(1:35:41) - "Bionicle: Journey of Zerius" by Sevenizer1

(1:37:46) - "Bionicle: Okoto" by YalkYalk

(1:38:18) - "Mask of Creation" by Pokermask

(1:38:50) - "TTV #1: Tale of the Hosts" by ThisIsAnUnusualUsername

(1:38:58) - "Shadows in the Dark" by Pahi Nuva

(1:41:03) - "Game of Shadows" by Leoxandar Magnus

(1:42:26) - "Didn't Slip" by Political Slime

(1:43:00) - "Through Time" by Tarkur Toa of Revamps V1

(1:44:01) - "The Toa Kehau" by TheToaKehau

(1:45:04) - "Lewa: The Last Toa of Air" by Lachanu

(1:45:58) - "Hero Factory Villains Unite" by William Furno

(1:49:56) - "BIONICLE Music Video Tribute - Savior" by Galactichero7

(1:54:05) - "Fallen Soldier" by SilentPhantom and Outro

Thank you very much for watching, and thanks to everyone who submitted! Best of luck to you all in your future endeavors!

-Pandemic Panda


I've got a lot of stuff to watch tomorrow stuck_out_tongue


It will take me a while to watch all of these.

EDIT: ninja'ed by the Caesar. But I completely agree.



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It's sad how you have to put all of them here. Oh well. Still nice how you can watch the videos here.

mah boi.

mah other boi

mah triple boi.


Ohh baby a triple!


Since Chron-Con 2015 is passed and GSR is announced, here's my progress, which is absolutely nothing at all since rushing it for Chron-Con, but enjoy some more angles


He looks really familiar. I wonder why?

Vary noice.

Awesome video, Mr. Mesonak! Thanks for including my trailer! I support TTV all the way from Taiwan! smile

PS: So no interviews of the trailers this year. Are you guys still picking which guys are you going to review and upload a second video to that or cancel it? If yes, that's too bad, but I understand how much work you put into this epic event.

Once again, thanks for uploading great content and events for us TTV fans to enjoy. You guys still can go higher than you guys are now. wink

-Wing Rocka


uh, there were interviews. videos seen here are from the submitters, not from TTV. The orig. Chron-con vid has the interviews.

I don't mean to be a pain, but does anyone have the link to the downloadable version of the CC vid Meso mentioned? [:P] I can't see the YouTube version on my android, and my comp went bye-bye, so... :/ [:P]

that was really cool, chroniclers convergence is great smile

I really love this event, really connects the fans from youtube to TTV Message Boards.


R.I.P. CotF trailer

you would have been missed


Kahinuva: Ace Attourney and Zombie Furno are the projects I'm most excited for.

@BeefJStag/ @FilthyFrank, @Shadezy, and @Risebell, when do we get them?


As soon as the script is made absolutely perfect, completing whatever filming I haven't done and editing won't take too terribly long. The only thing that may take a while is getting everyone to voice act.


I started work on a new set of sprites for KAA a few weeks ago, hopefully all (if not, most) will be ready before the release comes around. Work on them has been pretty slow though, as I'm also working on another project on the side with some friends.

We could actually use some more spriters, in my opinion stuck_out_tongue


yes plz.

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