Chronicler's Self-MOC: Toa Fatorak, Toa of Stone and Air

So, I finally made this guy after seeing my "How would you MOC Chronicler?" thing get taken down. I decided to finally make me on how I envisioned myself as a Toa. And I gotta say, this MOC looks pretty good!

So here we have Toa Fatorak, who is half green and half brown, like I would have requested. I gotta say, I think the mixture turned out pretty well. And his Kakama looks good on him!

Originally the chronicler of Karhi Nui, Fatorak became a Toa after using a Toa Stone to get Toa Powers. However, the Kanohi Karhi, the Mask of Power, gave Fatorak a secondary element to use.

Toa Fatorak possesses a Great Kakama, allowing him to use his body functions at extreme speeds. He also has control over Stone and Air. He also possesses a great Sword of Aerodynamics. Made from protosteel, this sword allows Fatorak to be extremely flexible (which already is a trait, just in a weeker form, due to his Air powers) and good at maneuvering his body.

Fatorak is courageous and brave, but also cautious, due to knowing mistakes that former Toa have made that allowed them to fall into traps.

Here's the backside, if you want to see it. Not much, really. I added a little pack to add something to his otherwise-barren back.

Overall, that's my self MOC. Concstructive Criticism, critiques, and comments would be nice!


Really nice MoC. My only qualm with your story is the strange reaction between a Toa Stone of Air and a Po-Matoran. It doesn't work like that. Lhikan gave Toa Stones of Fire to all 6 Toa Metru. All of them turned out fine


RIIIIIIIGHT... I'll edit that.

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I'd question the Rahkshi boobs but it looks swell.

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It's actually supposed to be his pectorals. Gosh, why do you guys always refer to that term?


Because Roodaka.


As an aspiring Comic Book artist, I understood what they weresupposed to be


I like the sword design

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It's basicly Jaller's sword with a Mistika booster as it's hilt and Thornax launchers at the sides. Simple, Elegant and wonderful if you'd ask me


Hmm, kinda looks like it's stressing plastic on the Thornax Pieces. Not sure, tho...


Really nice MOC, I like it.
This sword-design reminds me a bit of "Titan-Kylord" from KylerNuva135, is it inspired by it or did you made it all yourself ?

@Nyran Yeah,you're right. If he doesn't want to stress the plastic he should
put one of these little gray technic pieces in between the Thornaxpiece
and the Mistika-Booster.

Edited for Double Post -Nyran.

I feel stupid for not catching it sooner. I mean, it's a reply to me.

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I can tell he is pretty cool, but are these the best quality photos you have of him?

Ok, looks like a pretty solid MOC. I'm just going to assume that his primary element is stone because he has more po-colors than le-colors

- Surprisingly solid color scheme
- Solid build
- Innovative use of the Bohrok-Va flipper
- Good looking sword
- Great armor coverage

- While I don't really have the right to complain about this sort of thing, the pics are too dark to see much detail. May I suggest a lamp or even the flash on your camera?
- I can't tell, but that Metru armor on his po-thigh looks awkwardly gold. (probably just from the pics)
- Some may complain about the non-purist stress that the blade puts on the thornax launcher pieces, but I won't because I personally have so many that they seem expendable to me.
- The only one that truly bothers me is that the gray is not evenly distributed. He has almost no gray on his le-side. I know that gray is more of a po-color, but is it a little distracting.

Other than that, it is pretty darn good. even for an inika build.

De color open_mouth

The way it meshes open_mouth

'Tis amazing stuck_out_tongue

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They're totally fine. I checked them right after I saw this post, and they go back to their normal form. They where meant to bend, anyways. stuck_out_tongue

@MakutaKirakh Totally made by myself. Don't even know who that is. stuck_out_tongue

@ToaOrrel The color scheme is that good? Thanks smiley

I looked at that Bohrok-Va flipper, and I felt it needed to be added so the MOC could have a Golden Age BIONICLE piece on it. Looks really good, too.

As for the camera, I'm using the webcam on my computer. My brother needs a new charger for his camera, so this is all I can get from it. frowning

Yeah, I can see why the gray is bothering you. I just don't have a lot of brown pieces (primarily Lego's fault for abandoning the color during the point when I started buying more sets). The gray pieces where the bulkiest, and the only ones that where not on a MOC that matched with the green ones.

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Nice design. I rather like it.

(Not mint chocolate ice cream anymore I see.)

It's basicly just mint chocolate and not icecream


I would just suggest adding more gray to the green side. The most needed place for gray is the foot.

So did you update your self-moc?

I haven't updated this version in a long time. My current is the Matoran version. stuck_out_tongue