Chronicles of Freyah: Chapter 2

Hey guys! This is Aquaris again sharing another chapter of the Chronicles of Freyah. Keep in mind this isn’t really a chapter, it’s more of a journal or log entry.
Also, there will be pictures of Athe-Nui and the characters soon.

Chapter 2

I decided to sail back towards Damia after the Agori abandoned me for their own gain. I saw Damia, but decided to see what was past it, so I kept sailing. Eventually I came across a new island that was much bigger, but was still clearly an island.
I later learned that its name was Athe-Nui, and it would be the center for many troubles in the Foot for a long time. I discovered I had landed in a region of Athe-Nui called Le-Wahi. I was greeted by a small band of Matoran who lived in the jungle of Le-Wahi. They took me to their encampment, I told me about a bunch of almost-heavenly islands of the north coast of Le-Wahi. Then I went on my way to explore more of this new world. I started to travel west, because I wanted to see these islands for myself and they said there was a port at the end of the region.
As I was traveling I found a small hut, and met one of my greatest friends in the entire world of Spherus Magna. He was working on a massive broadsword when I came across him. He wasn’t friendly at first, but I convinced him to give me shelter as it was growing dark at the time. He agreed, and told me his story as we were going to sleep. This is it:
Tomarau’s story
His name was Tomarau (Too-maw-row) and he was a son of a great warrior general named Raho. He was born on an island far west of Athe-nui called Kratann. The island was constantly at war with its neighboring island, Nyka. The two islands had fought ever since the first time the Foot came into existence.
The Nykas had staged an ambush for Raho’s battalion that he was leading. They killed the entire battalion, except for Tomarau because Tomarau had fled into the trees. Tomarau had held his dying father in his arms and vowed vengeance.
But Tomarau was not strong enough, and soon the Nykas destroyed his own village. They had staged a massive coordinated attack between all their regiments, and took over the entire island of Kratann. The Nykas killed all of Tomarau’s people, but Tomarau escaped on a raft, and drifted to Athe-Nui. There, he trained and kept training until he was sure he could get revenge on the Nykas. He was still training when I met him, but I thought he was pretty good as it is. I told him that I was travelling to the islands of the coast of Le-Wahi, and I asked him if he wanted to come with me. He accepted, and we kept travelling to the port.

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