Chronos, Controller of Time

i used the makuta shadow titan body because im a scrub with custom builds :stuck_out_tongue:

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The limbs are quite lanky for such a bulky torso. Also the head is incredibly small.


I really don't know how to fix that, I'll keep it as is. (I mean the head)

For a makuta re skin it looks alright

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It wasn't supposed to be a Makuta re-skin, but I see where you're getting that vibe from.

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If it's just a Makooti reskin then it's really cool with all the small details you put into it, but I really like the leg design.

Nice but kinda messy

Yeh i might fix the legs, not very cohesive in design, too much silver

Oh wow.....

That back is pretty cool.

ty :3

That's quite a skirt.

It's a kilt! Don't ya buggars know anythin'?

Sorry, I couldn't resist...

He looks epic. Maby though, if you change the mask and put more blue