Chrora the Skull Hunter


Hmm… Those blade pieces on the legs add a ton extra, unneeded bulk. I do appreciate the custom arm design though! The arms are just a bit too long for my liking, and are… Triple jointed? That’s odd.

As for the foot connection points, it’s a neat method, but couldn’t you just use regular old Mata hands for that? Seems like it would get the same accomplished and still add the distance you need.

Just my two cents.


This is… already much better! The color scheme could need some work, and the triple-jointed arm is kinda weird, but this is a definite improvement. You’re off to a great start.


Wow, this looks pretty good. Obviously there are some issues here and there. The arms are look multi jointed, The torso build is a tad questionable in some areas, the armor has flow issues as it juts out in certain areas, and the legs might look a little too long.

But the color scheme is pretty cool. I feel it could use some more green here and there. I also feel the baby blue is out of place. But otherwise I feel it’s pretty good.

Honestly, I suggest scrapping some of your other MOCs and focus on improving this guy. This MOC has potential. Improve this guy, give him some backstory, improve the photo quality, and you will be good to go.

This is far better, already tons better than some of your other mocs. he has a theme, a consistent color scheme, and a decent picture! coolio!

Would you be surprised his story involves akora

I don’t really care about story that much.

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This is much better!

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This MOC seems better than your recent ones, but it still has some odd looking stuff. The sword pieces on the legs are an interesting concept but it comes off weird. I don’t really care for the feet on the arms and the double-jointed arms. You could shorten them and use Mata hands.

Also just because characters are linked doesn’t make the MOC better.

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This is my favorite moc of yours.
I think, however, that you should reconfigure the arms, however.

This actually looks kinda cool.

I’d recommend switching the center bone in the arms for the same one used fro the forearm, since it would allow for better movement.


I definetly think that this is a step in the right direction, and the color scheme in my opinion is one of the best, maybe change the blue connection piece for the blue armor, change that and this would probably be a good moc

please don’t turn this one into a female, please I really like this, don’t blue pin it


Why do you think its a female
Dont blue pin it ?

well, you’ve built up quite the reputation, and toa of blue pins, I believe if I’m not mistaken was originally a male. then was turned into a female

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She was always a female people Couldn’t tell so i made a bunch of mocs that were girls when i get a good responce ill probaly fix it but all i get is take off certain features and its not a female

So you’re not going to fix a MOC until the community thinks it’s good?

Doesn’t that ruin the entire point of fixing it?


No iwant to make a female that looks good that people like also i fixed toa of blue pins

I’m saying that you, @Toa_of_red_pins should fix this up. Then you’ll get a good response.

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To do this, you’re going to need to listen to some of our criticism. We’re just trying to help.

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