Chukuchuthla WIP

So today I decided to break out all my parts and finally made (mostly) the rest of this MOC. Only things that need doing now are the end of the tail and the legs/feet.

Feedback is much appreciated


I literally can’t read the name.

Bigger pics pls?

I mean, you can click on it, but if you’re on mobile I see your problem

I am on mobile so thanks for seeing my problem

I’ll edit the topic, give me a second

Thanks dude
Edit: nice job on them arms and that head man

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Creepy. In a cool way

Bear. With long tail. Monstrous. Nice!

This looks amazing.
I can tell it’s CCBS at it’s core, but it’s so solid and well done that it looks perfectly smooth.


I have no words. . . just. . . wow. Great moc.

Could we maybe get a side-view of the head?


Thank you. Very nice work on the head and the moc’s arms as well.

Very monstrous looks like the things from “A quiet place”

Omg yes this is BEAUTIFUL

Obviously those feet need to have some gnarly claws, but I’m not sure what would work best. He could benefit from a little extra height IMO.

Can’t wait to see the finished product dude!

I get your point about the height, but just a warning, I’m not going to add any. This is supposed to be low down to the ground, but thank you for the comment :ok_hand:

I love it. The oversized arms give it a beastly, almost gorrila like body. I think my only criticism is the feet. I think it would look a lot better with some kind of clawed toes. I get that you want them to be small, so as to emphasize the gargantuan arms. But they look incomplete with just those little pieces on there.

The arms, head and torso look great! I’d say mainly work on the legs and tail.
Great job so far!

Wait, is that the Stringer 3.0 helmet piece?