Cinematic orchestra

To give my honest opinion, I never listen to the radio since most of the stuff they play are either.
A) Garbage
B) Over-played
C) Sometimes both
now I can’t even listen to music with lyrics since they are lazily written. I only listen to cinematic orchestra like Thomas Bergersen (two steps from hell). Here’s a song from their resent album “miracles”

You might have heard some of Thomas’ work in trailers and movies
Their should be a station where all they play is stuff like this. If you like this, say why or why not.


So this is like, the oldest and most unviewed topic. With only one post.
I dig the music.

This was made SOOOOOOOOOOOOO long ago like back when the only people were vuhii and I (hence the beta-tester title), but yeah check out there newest album suns. It is the music ablum for the new movie “Interstellar” by Christopher Nolan.