CirkitPurp's Crimson Gladiator MOC

Hey y’all you’re an all-star get your game on

I have this MOC thing! Don’t think I’ve ever posted one here before. It’s worth a go, am I right?

Started this gladiator thing a while back wanting to take the Hannah crab bodies and make a specific shape with them, which I think I did well. It slowly evolved from there, but after a point I lost the motivation to fully complete it. It looks whole, which is why I’m choosing to share it, but it’s far from what I had in mind. Just… imagine a small bit of black Rahkshi/Beetle body coming out of the armor, use that Waspix head as a general idea for the face, and boom, there ya go.

For now, hope you all enjoy this thing… and the (EDIT) still kinda semi-blurry pictures. Some updated with a white background that totally isn’t a dress ■■■■■ I swear

Front Posy thing

From da back


Oh look here’s one of just the torso

I like this a lot

Old front shot



Those arms seem kinda thin. Other than that, this moc looks really great. I really like the sword that it has.

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Nice moc. I love the crab vibe. Also I totally didn’t think the title said CirkitPurp’s Crimson Galidor MOC at first. :sweat_smile:

@Spartan_0185 Yeah, I agree with ya there. Never been very good with arms, but am glad they’re at least clad. Thought about doing larger arms a la Transformers cartoon style, but… it didn’t work out like I’d wanted. Next time.

@Stuubh heh, Galidor.
Got some of the pieces from those McDonald’s sets I want to use someday…

Anyhow, thanks. Glad ya like!

You should see some of the mocs that I never posted specifically because the arms were bad.

Very nice, especially the creative head and the legs.

I like the brute look but I think the upper arms need to be a bit thicker

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CCBS- a blessing and a curse
Must really experiment with bulking up the limbs. Thanks for the input!

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