City at the Clift Concepts

I saw some of Oomatus Ga wahi concepts and decied to take my own spin on it.

So Ill be updating this as I get more time to get it done.

But in general: small huts made of wood and dried sea weat that is held together by the Ga matorians own sweat tears and hard work.


ooo pretty

I love this, but I feel it should have a fence around it with a gate, like in MNOG.

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Ill find room to make that… when I find a way to incoperate more into the picture.

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That’s pretty dang cool.

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Looks pretty good so far

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I like the overall execution of the shading and coloring. There’s a certain quality to the style here that reminds me a lot of MNOG.

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If I ever need a MNOG G3 done, I’m hiring you. This is incredible!

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The building on the left looks a little bit like Kini-Nui

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Sounds lovely.

Ill gladly make artwork for a G3 Flash esch game.

It is supose to be a small shrine. I think each city would have their own.

To the gods.

why this
This is a really nice drawing, I like the concept of the huts as well. Not much more to say, but, well, it’s good!

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Very nice. Art style really reminds me of MNOG. Great work!

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Looks pretty good.

This has nothing to do with this topic but which program do you use to draw?

I got a copy of Photoshop.

It is a glorious peice of software.