"CLANK" the titan

“CLANK” a artifact from before time it has not been running until now.



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A full body shot and back view would be nice.

The head doesn’t flow with the ccbs body very well (it also doesn’t stick out well as a helmet), I also question how stable it can pose.

Also it seems you just reused a Micro Manager frame for the head.


thanklfuly yes!

and the head is a work in progress and this is a place holder

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Good moc… I like the interesting build

But what does the back look like

the silver wepons it has on its back cover it up with the addition of an onewa claw.

Why not you take a picture of the back?

(in the background I shrug)

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What does that mean?

means I don’t know

Take a picture of the back of the moc, it sounds interesting

Wow… that’s a really cool design I like it

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like the titan very neat use of the head love the color of red and black also the back is great I mean like it just stands out like a shield but I would like to know more of this build


Kinda has a perpetual derp-face, doesn’t it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cool moc.