Clash of the Titans: the Second interactive MOC tournament featuring two new MOCs!

Welcome to the second time around! This time, the tournament will pit my larger MOCs against each other. NO, Karion does not count as a titan! This time, the competitors will be as follows:

“Code Red” Furno XL (no HF bias! :angry:)

Junkion, otherwise known as “a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong”

Naxorion, Enemy of Varox

Greshbot, a “new” MOC, at least to the boards, which started out as a tablescrap MOC

And Scrappy, the smaller arch rival of Junkion, also new to the boards. It was made directly after Junkion.

Round one!

Junkion vs Scrappy

When do you guys think the poll should be closed? Wanna share your reasoning behind your choice? Who do you think will win? Do you want me to make topics for Scrappy and Greshbot? Just tell me! Do so in the comments below!


You could just use Strawpoll for this…

Thanks! XD

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