Class 1 Versatile Terrestrial- Scouting Machine

The class 1 VT-SM is a moc I made for @Gwideon 's Mech Maker Moc Contest
The pilot of this VT-SM is Solomon Cade. Cade used his version of the VT-SM primarily for search and rescue missions. The VT-SM is capable of trekking any kind of land, hospitable or not. Being a class 1 version, Cade’s VT-SM does not have any weapons like the class 2 counterpart, but being fast has its advantages. Cade is a maverick, and often goes behind enemy lines in order to save his comrades. He has yet to fail in a scouting or search and rescue mission.

Resting Position

Bipedal Position

Quadrupedal Position

Gallery when public

It was interesting making this mech, even if the build is pretty simple. I will probably make it more custom in the future.


Dear god it’s beautifull…
Way better than my entry really.

I love that face

Goo jub

I rather like this, I like how the lights above the cockpit form an almost paradolic effect of eyes.
though I feel the body of the mech could use more blue, maybe swap the middle shell with a blue one to have a continuous blue stripe down the center flowing from the shell to the canopy?


VERY creative build, not to mention those suspension thingys

Very nice work

Looks good, and I like the colors!

This is one of the most creative mech Mocs I’ve seen in a long time. Well done!