Classical Music

Yes, I know that many people hate classical music, but I don’t. Not to insult any popular music fans, but instead of only using basic cords, classical music has been proven to utilize mathematics. It can convey many emotions, many genius’ have composed classical music. It doesn’t have to be boring, listen to this entire piece by the famous Russian composer Tchaikovsky:

Now was that so bad? Imagine how much work it took to be able to play that piece for the first time. I’m sorry if I may have insulted anyone, but I enjoy music that moves me. And before you comment, also listen to this, feel free to post videos of your own favorite classical pieces or symphonies. This is a piece that people use for speed competitions, so pay close attention.


What a topic!
Classical music is great, and can’t be outdone.

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It might be my number one genre, but if my alternatives were pop or rap, I’d take classical any day.

I’ve listened to a good bit to classical music in my day, and am actually in the process of listening to a 48-lecture series on classical music. I would say it’s influenced the way I approach other genres such as rock or dubstep as well.


I prefer classical music to every other music most of the time. I am highly against newer songs as I find them the same couple of notes over and over again with no variation and no true movement.

“Classical music,” as the term is used in the vernacular, covers so many styles of music that I don’t really know where to begin on the subject. XD But yeah, most of the best music ever is probably music played by an orchestra.

Also, I’m going to engage in a bit of shameless self-promotion and link to a playlist I made of loud, energetic, and/or generally epic classical pieces: There’s a place for calmer music as well, but I think people often don’t realize that classical music can be more powerful and intense than any other type of music.

Same here. I became interested in progressive rock because it often uses structures/chord progressions/etc. inspired by classical music.

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Finally… My people.

I can’t stand modern music because, while some songs may be catchy, most of the time it’s written for money and sometimes are not good quality (all rap sounds the same to me, sorry). Classical music always sounds different to me. I love the different ways they do stuff with music.

Classical music or movie music is often my favorite. I cannot get enough of the sound of a orchestra or band playing such pieces. It sounds so great!


Indeed. When classical composers wrote music, they were doing it to support their families and to give the public great music, very modest. Today, the music industry is all about big money, the Grammy’s are stupid, and very few teenagers, the age group I am a part of, respect what has come before. I’m happy to say that I do have a few dozen friends who share my opinion, but a few voices within millions don’t do much. The only modern composer who creates good, popular music these days is John Williams, and I’m glad that he is popular. He made all of these:

This is still on topic, if I’m not mistaken.


Because what Williams composes is real opera, unlike basic movie soundtracks that are only about to be a background noise.

“You could count the number of times that Mozart didn’t write music for money on two hands.” -Professor Robert Greenberg (I heard the quote two years ago but I’m fairly certain he was talking about either Mozart or Beethoven)

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I don’t mind a little bit of classical music, in the background. My only problem with it is the Cello, I really hate that thing…

One of my absolute all-time favourite is Beethoven’s 9th symphony 4th movement / Ode to Joy. It never gonna retire.

I love classical music. I agree with everything you said.

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I do enjoy certain types of classical music. Just not usually random pieces of music from Mozart or Bach with no specific background.

I’m lucky though, if I do end up wanting to hear some classic music, because my sister is a music major.



That’s an eerie coincidence.

I was just humming those three tunes. Then I read this.


More stuff, just to jump start this topic again. I picked a piece by “the Italian Mozart” and one that’s more obscure to anyone who isn’t a classical music ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■, or a clarinet player. I don’t own either of these, don’t sue me. (I couldn’t find many good versions of the 3rd movement of the entire clarinet concerto no. 1, so this is just the third movement)

Lets place some Serbian music here.