Clay for LEGO?

I am planning on making some custom minifigures in the near future. However, these figures do not only require paint, but some custom sculpted parts. I was wondering is anyone knew of a good, cheap type of clay that would work well with LEGO? I tried one brand, but it was very hard to work with, especially at such a small scale. Thanks.


You are better off 3D Printing stuff like Masks or custom pieces. Clay, as you say, is too hard to work with at a small scale, and it scan easily hold down your MOC’s as they become super heavy (because Clay is heavier than plastic) and break easily because of the lack of durability that clay offers.

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My experience is any clay works.

Unfortunately I do not own/ have access to a 3-D printer. Also I am planning on modifying a specific piece, so it wouldn’t really work for this specific project. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Maybe the brand I got a while ago just wasn’t the best clay. It was awful to work with.

Whichever type of clay you get, make sure it’s air-dry.


I’m not sure about the melting point of abs plastic but I’ve used FEMO in the past and it’s worked relatively well. If you use a scalpel and other semi-profesional tools you should be good with FEMO. The only problem is that you need to cook it to make it dry, so you may end up melting your parts. :confused:

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