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Here is a question addressed to old moccers, or people who have been making lego creations for a long time:
I have been collecting bionicle and MoCcing for ten years, now. My pieces now look scratched up and dusty. Now that bionicle is making a comeback, I wish to take the new Toa apart and start MoCcing, but I don't want to make the same mistakes I made back in the day.
Here's how I kept them: in a box under my bed. I would push the pieces around to look through them to find the correct one (obviously). There was no lid on the box, so dust accumulated in the corners. (This can be expected). Also, I live on a farm, so our house isn't exactly clean (dust comes in every time someone opens the front door)
I got used to this, and now, it surprises me when I see new pieces that are shiny and beautiful. It surprises me even more when those shiny and beautiful pieces are fourteen years old (like a bohrok I just acquired whose Kraana I can see clearly through the visor).
Is there a way to clean pieces? and Alternatively, how did you store your pieces, back in the day, if you were a MoCer?


I believe Jang has made at least a video of how to keep your pieces clean.


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Does he say how to clean the pieces, or how to keep them clean?

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I just wash the suckers.

There's also a method to restore foggy trans pieces where you apply a very small bit of floor cleaner and wipe it. Don't take my word on it.



Just get a Plexiglas case to keep your sets in.

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I don't.
I wipe dust off with my fingers because I'm too lazy to dust/wash them properly.


That's about what I do with my Lego pieces, and the pieces of my life.

I use a feather duster.

I keep them in a room that isn't horridly dirty. Haven't had any problems with them except if I take outside photoshoots in muddy conditions, in which case I can wash them or chisel away the dirt once it's dried.

I don't keep them clean.

My old spaceship MOC is all dusty. I'm pretty sure my Tower of Orthanc is dusty.

My Bionicle MOCs aren't as dusty because every now and again I take them off the shelf and play with them or put them on my dresser in my room for a few days.

I would say just pick them up a few times a week.


I use fiyyyah (provided by Tahu) /s

Sulfuric acid. If it can eat your skin, it can eat the dirt.


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Thanks for all the replies. But I think you're misinterpreting my question. I don't care much about keeping my MoCs free of dust because everything gets covered with a layer of dust within a week at my house. I'm asking about ways to keep the pieces in my part box clean.

I don't. 8 years worth of dust on those older sets and still getting worse.

I dont, I just use them a lot.

I just use a small cloth to dust off my parts.

keeping parts clean? Didn't know you were supposed too...

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You can keep your pieces clean by putting them in an enclosed area like a box. That's really all you can do to prevent dust.