Close Encounters

This topic is about Close Encounters you or maybe someone you know has been through. These are very real occurrences that are overlooked by most people or just frowned upon. A close encounter is an event that occurred in oneself's presence that involved strange lights, abductions, and even otherworldly being present at the time.
These occurrences are grouped in to classes known as the Hynek's Scale. (Close Encounters of the 1-7th kind)

To start things off I will share my story.

This happened on a knight in 2006 or so. My bedroom at one of the houses I used to live in was arranged to where my bed was positioned in the corner of my room. My dresser was right next to my bed with about a foot of space in between, enough space for someone to stand there if they wanted.
I ended up waking up to use the bathroom or get water or something at around 2:00 in the morning. My head was turned towards the side of the dresser. As I opened my eyes the first thing I saw was a pair of HUGE glossy black eyes staring at me. The creature's face was a pale grey color, had a sort of a teardrop shaped head, had two slits that I assume were it's nose, and had a very skinny body.

Somehow, without moving, this creature said "Hello" to me (and I could not see any sort of mouth on it either).

Well I just freaked out. I screamed so loud and pulled the covers over my head until my mother came into the room and turned the lights on. She tried to convince me that it was just a dream, but I know it was not a dream because I remember the clear transition of me witnessing the creature -- screaming -- pulling the covers of my bed over my head -- and my mother coming into the room.

That is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me to this day. I learned later that these creatures have been seen by MANY other people and has been dubbed a "Gray Alien."

So when people ask me if I believe in life other than life on Earth, I say "no."

I tell them: "I know there is life other than life on Earth."


I never been witness any Aliens like ever.

Ooh this seems like a topic with quite some potential for intriguing stories.
In fact, i've got a "close encounter" story myself, or rather, a "mid range encounter", i'm not sure what i saw, but it certainly was strange.
So this was a couple of years ago, i was in my car with my mom, driving back from training of a martial arts called "Zen Huang Do" (irrelevant detail fulfills it's duty).
My mother says "what's that ?" while gesturing towards the sky. At first, i see nothing but the stars, then i notice a dark triangular silhoute moving accross the sky.
I've made a crude mockup to illustrate this.

It's kinda subtle.
So like imagine this, but a slightly different shade of dark, and you see it moving accross the sky.
There were no lights.
There was no sound.
My mother had alway had an interest in this sort of stuff, though never getting full on involved, but, naturally, her reaction was to try an keep following it. I was pretty down with that, I also liked space and alien stuff back in my edgy kid years.
Shortly after, the direction it was going in was no longer suitable for travel by car, and we had to just abandon chase and just return home.

This is not a riveting story, and i'm not claiming it was extraterrestrials, even though i sure as heck thought it was back then but hey, i was biased; as they say, "paranormal things tend to happen to people who beleive in such matters, coincidentaly", but it's my experience with strangeness.

Also mandatory twilight zone intro theme.

Im an alien, it's true

It says so on my registration card

You should look up something called "The Phoenix Lights." I think that might interest you.

Haha, my mother has that too.

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Never had anything like this happen to me. I frankly don't think I'd like to.

Even so, I don't dismiss the possibility of other life in the universe. In fact, to me thinking otherwise would be foolish.

With the trillions of trillions of stars, and the billions of planets orbiting those stars, and the very existence of ourselves and our accomplishments, I find it highly, highly unlikely that Earth is alone in the universe.

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