(CLOSED) "Hidden Light II"

Hidden Light II will be out by tomorrow.

For all of you who haven’t read book 1, please do so.


Now back home, Seihu has to go through a new adventure, face new threats, and even meet new characters. How’s he going to hold up? Stay Tuned.

Edit (11/04/2018):

Chapter 1

After the deaths of Burosa and Sterok, four Rahkshi hidden in the Onu-Metru Archives woke up.
They communicated with each other in their native tongue.
“Now that Burosa and Sterok are gone, we are free,” A Rahkshi of Laser Vision said blissfully.
“Yes, no longer will I be a test Brakas for them”, A Rahkshi of Shapeshifting declared,” Now, we can be free under my command. Especially since that tyrant, Draku left as well.”
“Hold on, your command?!” A Rahkshi of Heat Vision yelled “I didn’t get free to be a slave again. I work under no one”
“And how did that work for you?” A Rahkshi of Shapeshifting laughed.
“The same way that it worked for you” The Rahkshi of Heat Vision sharply recoiled.
The Rahkshi of Shapeshifting and Rahkshi of Heat Vision glared at each other and then lunged at and fought against each other.
The Rahkshi of Heat Vision jumped in and shot the ground between them yelled, “Enough you two! I’ll be the leader”
The two Rahkshi sneered and fought the Rahkshi of Laser Vision as well. The Rahkshi got so barbaric that the noise was disturbing the Rahkshi of Chameleon to the point that it rose up.
“Enough!” The Rahkshi of Camouflage entered while its body shifted colors, “I got an idea for who becomes the leader, let’s play a game in Metru Nui!”
The Rahkshi looked at the Rahkshi of Camouflage in suspicion and then each other in question.

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