Clove - Leader of the Poisoners (Bionicle Eternal fan project)

Clove is the leader of the Poisoners, and he holds many secrets. He is vindictive, secretive, manipulative, and utterly ruthless; there is no moral, no desperate plea that would ever awake his long dead conscience. He sits on a throne of fear and treachery, every day coming closer to his true goal: subjugation of the island of Inoria and all who live there. His spies and assassins have ended countless lives and decided the path of even nations. In fact, he is in no small way responsible for the Great War itself. But above all these, he is relentlessly patient and determined.

He’s waited nearly a thousand years, after all.

Clove is a character in the Bionicle Eternal continuity, a fan-reimagining of Bionicle. More information about Clove, the Poisoners, and the rest of Inoria can be found at our website, linked below.

Drawing actually made by @LimeaidDrama, our wonderful artist. She just wanted me to post it for some reason.


He looks disgustingly resilient.


That he is. See the thousand years part.

He is also made of plant, in case you hadn’t already noticed. :stuck_out_tongue:

You know it, bro.