Code Lyoko

I really love this show, and I’m sure some of you do too! So lets start the discussion off with your favorite monster. My favorite would have to be the crab.


xana for life!

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I remember watching this as a kid when there was nothing else to watch, I liked the opening song that was about it. Other than the song it didn’t really catch my interest.

I loved the Kolossus

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Hmm… It occurs to me that I have yet to actually finish the show. Oh well, I’m sure that won’t come back to bite me in the butt.

I caught the occasional epsiode back in the day.

I do not remember much, but it was quite enjoyable.

I might have to watch it at some point…

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Yes. Yes you should.

This was a good show. Maby i will re watch it

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I think I saw maybe one or two episodes of this show when I was five.

Chances are my mom said I wasn’t allowed to watch this show after that.

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I only watched this show very rarely when it first aired on Cartoon Network. I should consider watching some episodes of it online sometime.


I remember watching this show as a kid. I had a disc of the first 4 episodes and I remember watching them quite a few times. Only recently did I go back and watch the entire series. Although the show was formulaic I still enjoyed it.

Also am I the only one confused as to why the origin story is not the first episode in the series? Always found that odd.

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I watched the first episode.

Not really impressed.

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it gets better

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Loved Code Lyoko when I was a young kid. Still love it today.

And I got this one Odd figure a long time ago, but part of his arm fell off…:sob:

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It was good show.

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