Codename: Avalanche

The first of my MOCs on the TTV message boards.
Backstory: A being from another world, Avalanche's ship encountered magnetic energy feilds over the island of Mata Nui. These feilds disrupted Avalanche's ship guidance system and caused the ship to crash into Ko-Wahi. Avanlanche and his people survived but were Marooned on Ko-Wahi until the Mata Nui vs. Makuta cataclysm, when they repaired their ship and left the planet. They later settled the icy continents of the newly created (unnamed) planet housing the continent of Okoto.


Interesting backstory. I really like the head build, too.

Thanks. Avalanche will be involved in a much greater and more intricate story once i introduce my self moc and other future mocs.

I really like his head. It feels so alien.

It looks pretty cool, but there's the random tan in the feet, idk about that

Really nice bro, the torso, the tubes, the cool head. Really nice job.

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Looks odd

He looks pretty good, but the staff looks a bit long.

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Nice job. I really like the use of the krana.