Codename: Ripsaw

The first part of the MOC that I made was the head... I was actually experimenting with ways to make different types of feet, but I noticed that it looked like a nice head, and went from there. As of now there is no story behind this MOC, but I will be keeping it for a long time, because I really like how it came out...

I just noticed that a silver Bohrok eye is missing from the right knee, I didn't want to do the whole photo shoot again, due to the light, but I have added it now.

Here is a demo video of the "action feature"
Tell me what you think...


Awesome MOC man, love the function

I think the feature and concept are really cool, but I am 100% not a fan of the monochrome colorscheme.

Noice MOC man.

Okay here we go.

That head design is amazing, I would of never thought to use that star wars piece like that.
That function is just really groovy, but I'm guessing it doesn't have a lot of friction in it.
The Upper arms look really good, good job on using that G1 Armor piece there.
The lower arm though are kind of just normal arms.
The torso is neat.
Dem legs are simple, except for the knees.

I find this MOC to be a really groovy MOC man.

Thanks! The function has no friction, but it wasn't meant to, so that it can spin super fast xD.
@SwagMeister @Stoax @Yveran Thanks!



I approve.

Very cool MOC! Incredibly reminiscent of a certain villain from Hero Factory Breakout:

- Very creative head design, no complaints there.
- Creativeness all around, four arms is a difficult path to take, but you pulled it off.
- Very cinematic style with the build itself, looks like a true LEGO villain.

- He is very skinny. By very skinny I mean I want to stuff him with food, the poor chap.

  • The hoop about his waist is a bit awkward-looking...
  • The back of his head seems a bit - empty, if you know what I mean.

Overall, well done! I give thee a like and say, "Well done, sir!"


It looks very interesting. I like it

The head is awesome, the function is very creative, and the rest of the MOC looks pretty cool too!

Overall it's beautiful!

is this cutman's long lost half cousins brothers dogs owners roomate?



Its a Megaman mixed with a spaceballs Joke

Fair enough xD

looks very good, I love the saws

haha! I love it, the head is really nice. The saws work with the character.

the head design is defs the star of the show here, as IMO, it outshines most of the rest of the MOC

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Thanks all!

Well done! I really like the head design, and that function is just horrifically cool!