So, I watched The Last Knight last night, and I absolutely loved it! I decided today to draw this picture of my favourite character. I had a bit of trouble adding the gold-ish sheen to his armour, but I think I did a pretty good job. Let me know what you you guys think. Constructive criticism is very much appreciated.


Seems like a waiter. I like this alot.

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Reminds me of Rung…


Legs are a little bit bland, other than that looks really cool

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He might’ve been my favorite part of the movie. It was unfortunate though he never did anything as a headmaster; him combining and controlling a dead decepticon in the final battle would have been awesome.


Yeah, I was really looking forward to that, especially with what he can do with the Nitro Zeus toy.

It was exspecially disappointing because in Rotf when they had a pretender it actually pretended to be a human. Cogman is called a headmaster but he never used his headmaster alt mode or transformed in general.
I’m just glad bay is qiiting transformers now; about time.

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To be fair they did say that he was missing his transtector.

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Wait, when did they say that? Also, what is a transtector?

It’s what makes a transformer able to transform; though knowing bay it’s just transformers technobabble. Also if they did it must have gotten lost in the sea of exposition.

Oh! I know it as a t-cog.

A transtector is not what makes a transformer able to transform, it’s the body that headmasters control/connect to. The device that allows transformers to transform is called a T-cog. Source:

Anyways, nice art @decepticonaiden, Cogman was my favorite character from the movie, and you did a good job drawing him.


Thank you!